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+2 IIT-JEE Evening Regular Tuition cum Entrance

This course is designed for students doing their schooling (STATE/CBSE/ISC) in and around Thrissur city and aspiring IIT JEE 2024.
The course will enable the students to prepare for their XII board exams and all competitive exams like KEAM, JEE, BITSAT, CUSAT, VIT, Olympiads while focusing primarily on admission to MEDICAL COURSES.

Class Timing :
March 1 onwards, Monday to Saturday 4:45 pm to 6:30 pm

Hostel facilities are available.

Admission cum scholarship exam dates

Date                        Time        Location

26-03-2023 2 pm to 4 pm, Offline

XI Portions for XII Scholarship examinations


  • Units and Measurements
  • Laws Of Motion
  • Work Energy Power
  • One Dimensional Motion
  • Gravitation


  • Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry,
  • Structure of Atom,
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure,
  • States of Matter, Equilibrium, The S block Elements


  • Cell the Unit of life
  • Plant Kingdom,
  • Photosynthesis,
  • Body Fluids and Circulations,
  • Animal Kingdom,
  • Breathing and Exchange of Gases


  • Sets,
  • Relations and Functions,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Straight Lines,
  • Conic Sections, Sequence, and Series

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